The bottom line?

Making confident business decisions starts with understanding your finances.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. We can help.


Your time is way too valuable to spend it staring at spreadsheets that never give you the full picture.

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to give yourself a job. You did it for the time freedom. To do work you love while still finding plenty of time and space for the other things that light you up.

So why are you running around in circles trying to do ALL the things… without even knowing what’s helping your bottom line?

Scrambling for receipts and stressing over whether you can pay your taxes (or how much they’ll be)

Wondering if you can afford to outsource the help you so desperately need

Losing sleep over whether you’ll be able to pay yourself this month

Working longer hours and biting off more than you can chew, just so you can afford the next course, coach, or time-saving tool you’ve got your eye on


It really, really doesn’t have to be this complicated. 

What if we told you the answers you’re looking for are already there… you just need to know where to look?

That you can stop making decisions based solely on emotions, and instead have everything you need to make confident, informed choices about your time and money, right at your fingertips?

That you can have total peace of mind, knowing that your taxes, bills, and contractors can be paid on time? (After we put you first, of course.)

To feel excited and accomplished, knowing that all your hard work is paying off (plus some)?

You’ve got options. And they’re hiding in your numbers.

We’ll take your books off your hands, so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time doing what you love. 

But we won’t stop there.

We’ll walk you through those numbers, giving you a crystal clear understanding of where your business stands and all your options for moving forward.

Because as an entrepreneur, you deserve to feel empowered by your finances, not overwhelmed by them.


our services


Because nothing says ‘happy’ like saving time and knowing exactly where your money is, every single month.

With this package, we’ll process your books, generate all the financial reports you need, and send you a video of financial highlights every month. We’ll also get you set up with a tax plan, so you never have to experience a panic-filled April again.


  • You’re ready to free up your time by outsourcing your bookkeeping
  • You want all the data at your fingertips to make informed, smart decisions for your business
  • You’re scaling to six-figures (Please note that this is just a guide, and we can discuss which package is best suited to your needs)

The investment: Starting at $597/month

what's included

Monthly bookkeeping, processed by bank statements. (Doesn’t just the thought of taking that load off already feel SO much better?)

Monthly QuickBooks reports including profit and loss statements and balance sheets, so you always know where you stand financially

Monthly video of financial highlights, so you can have a high-level view of what your numbers are telling you

Bi-annual financial meetings so you can better plan for profit and growth

Annual tax plan

1099 preparation

Necessary software including a free QuickBooks® Online subscription and a discount (and training) on Gusto (our preferred payroll software), if needed

Full access to our Bottoms Up! Course so you can better understand your numbers, meet like-minded business owners, and ask questions on a monthly basis

top-shelf (1)

As the decision-maker in your business, you need the most accurate, up-to-date financial information at your fingertips — without wasting time collecting all that info yourself. That’s why we’re here to be the CFO to your CEO.

With this package, we’ll help you develop and implement a profit plan that’s focused on your unique business goals. You’ll have full peace of mind knowing your finances are covered by someone you trust, so you can focus on the things that move the needle and bring you joy.


  • You’re ready to understand the full financial picture of your business and get clarity on what’s worth pursuing versus what’s no longer worth your time
  • You want a trusted sounding board for your business — a third-party who will listen to what you want, give it to you straight, and is just as invested in your success as you are (no matter what that “success” looks like to you)
  • You’re scaling to seven-figures and beyond (Please note that this is just a guide, and we can discuss which package is best suited to your needs)

The investment: Starting at $1,297/month

what's included

Weekly bookkeeping, VIP style. Not only will we take over your books, so you have up-to-date numbers weekly, but we’ll also file all of your receipts digitally, keeping them audit-friendly. (What will you do with all that new space in your filing cabinet?!)

Monthly management reports, customized to your needs and including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and budget vs actuals

A fully customized dashboard with easy-to-read financials, benchmarking and KPIs (financial and non-financial), so you always know where your business stands.

An annual budget, so your money (and time) has a purpose, always.

Customized profit plan and implementation, because we know you care way more about what’s in your bank account than flashy vanity metrics that don’t give you the whole picture

Quarterly forward-thinking financial meetings, so you can forecast your financials and better plan for profit and growth

Two annual tax plans, so you can easily understand whether you’re overpaying or underpaying your income taxes

1099 management

Necessary software including a free QuickBooks® Online subscription, a free Receipt Bank™ subscription, and a discount (and training) on Gusto, if needed

Voxer access, so you can ask a trusted, objective, strategic partner whenever you have financial questions (instead of Google)

Full access to our Bottoms Up! Course + Group Coaching, so you can feel fully empowered when it comes to your finances… and maybe even learn to love numbers just as much as we do. (Includes monthly group coaching sessions)

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You’ll be well on your way to six-figure profit. Cheers to that!

A one-time onboarding fee of $500 (for the Happy Hour package) and $750 (for the Top Shelf package) is assessed to all new clients.  It includes a complete diagnostic of your accounting system or the setup of a new system.

Any necessary catchup bookkeeping is quoted separately and scheduled upon our diagnostic.

Kind Words

"Being a solo entrepreneur can be tough, and they take the accounting aspect and put me at ease."

"They have helped keep me prepared every year for my taxes, so I know how to plan and what to expect. With Kristin and Jennifer, I know I am taken care of, and my business is operating exactly as it should.

Working with Kristin and Jennifer isn't a transactional experience... you grow a warm, trusting relationship. I highly recommend if you are looking for dependable, personable, trustworthy accountants that you go with Fox & Gravitt!"

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Not ready to outsource your bookkeeping just yet?

Our Bottoms Up! program gives you everything you need to not only DIY your books, but to actually understand what they’re telling you. 

Ready for that peace of mind?


Forget six-figure revenue. How does increasing your profit by six-figures sound?

Vanity metrics mean zilch if there’s nothing left over for you, your family, and your goals.

Our FREE Roadmap gives you a step-by-step method for increasing your bottom line, so you can grow your bank account without growing your to-do list. Cheers to that!